Providing Your Cat Nutrition Is Easy

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Providing Your Cat Nutrition Is Easy

Cat Nutrition

Cat nutrition is an often ignored aspect of cat care. While many cat owners shower their cats with love and affection, one thing they often ignore is the nutrition that they provide to their precious ones. What they fail to realize is that a healthy cat is oftentimes the key to having a happy cat. While providing your cat with a healthy diet may seem like daunt full task, providing your cat with a proper diet is actually an easy thing to do.

High Nutrition for Cats is Essential

In order to provide proper nutrition for cats, one must always remember to provide the four basics: essential fatty acids, antioxidants, digestive enzymes and probiotics. Once your cat is provided with these four essentials in his daily diet, then you can expect to have a healthy cat with a happy attitude.

Essential fatty acids, such as omega-3 and -6, are necessary in maintaining your cat’s eyes and brain. They also prevent unnecessary inflammation usually associated with arthritis as your cat grows older.

Antioxidants help prevent the accumulation of free radicals in your cat’s body. Although free radicals are necessary in fighting infection, too much of these destroy your cat’s normal cells as well. Antioxidants are there to ensure that any excess free radicals in your cat’s body are eliminated, preventing unnecessary cellular damage.

While you may think that you provide good food to your cat, without proper digestive enzymes, the food is not properly broken down. Without proper digestion, the nutrients are not taken in and are wasted. Including digestive enzymes in your cat’s daily meals help in making sure that everything is properly taken in by your cat and that nothing ends up wasted.

Probiotics also help in aiding digestion in your cat. Good bacteria in the gut also help in improving your cat’s immune system, making him less prone to sickness and disease.

Cat Vitamins for a Happy and Healthy Pet

While you may think that the food that you give to your pet cat is all that he will ever need in maintaining a healthy lifestyle, this is not necessarily true. Keep in mind that many of the cat food available these days are actually processed food greatly lacking in necessary vitamins and minerals. Cat vitamins usually make up for what is lacking in your cat’s daily diet. Make sure that you get your money’s worth by checking on the vitamins that you buy. After all, not all cat vitamins are made equal. With the right vitamins and diet, your cat ends up being truly well-loved treasure.



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