Cat Nutrition Is Essential For Your Pet’s Health

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Cat Nutrition

Cat Nutrition Is Essential For Your Pet’s Health

One of the more common pets taken into a home is cats. Cats are known to be quiet animals who love to cuddle with their owners. Understandably, pet owners automatically fall in love with their pet cats because of this characteristic of cats. However, it is important to note that in order to keep a happy cat, your cat should also be a healthy one. This is where cat nutrition plays a vital role in maintaining a happy, healthy cat. With proper nutrition, your cats are less likely to be sickly and their life expectancy becomes more prolonged. Their attitude becomes more pleasant along with their overall appearance.

Best Pet Supplement For Your Cat

There are many pet supplements readily available in the market these days. All of these will offer you different benefits for your pet cat that all of the information tends to be confusing in the end. Some will improve their coats and others will claim to improve their bones. With all this information, what should you consider when buying a pet supplement then?

- Make sure that your pet supplement contains essential fatty acids, particularly Omega-3 and -6. Commercial cat foods do not make these readily available and cats do not naturally produce these fatty acids. These fatty acids help in maintaining your cat’s vision. They also help in preventing swelling in their joints, usually associated with arthritis as your cat ages.

- Have the necessary digestive enzymes such as lipase, amylase, protease and cellulose, in your pet supplement. These help in proper digestion of the food that your cat eats. Proper digestion makes the nutrients more available for your cats to take in and they help in preventing allergies and inflammation in the joints as well.

- Probiotics are said to be not only good for humans but for cats as well. They, too, aid in digestion and help your cat maintain a good immune system which is usually provided by the gut.

- We’ve all heard of how excessive free radicals in the body destroy our body’s cells. The same goes for cats too! Make sure that your pet supplement contains a good amount of antioxidants to help in the removal of these excess free radicals

Importance Of Providing Supplements For Pets

Supplements for pets are not always thought to be necessary by a lot of pet owners. However, cat owners should remember that many of commercially available cat food in the market these days are actually the cat’s version of processed food. In other words, many of these are actually junk! Having a good pet supplement helps in providing the necessary nutrition that is missing in your cat’s daily diet, making your cat a healthy and happy cat!



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