The Importance Of Dog Nutrition

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Dog Nutrition

The Importance Of Dog Nutrition

Dog nutrition plays an important role in keeping your pet dog healthy and happy. Dog lovers often love dogs because of their playful nature unlike cats which just like lying around. However, a dog’s high energy also means that he needs to stay strong even as he continues to age. A dog’s overall appearance as well as his demeanor highly relies on the meals that are given to him as well as the other essential parts of nutrition which may, at times, be lacking in his everyday diet.

Understanding Nutrition for Dogs

Unlike humans, animals have different needs in terms of health maintenance, in particular their diet. Nutrition for dogs does not cover only the main meals and snacks that they eat, but it also covers the different important vitamin and mineral requirements that suit them.

Vitamins, for example, play a vital role in maintaining a dog’s bones, coat, eyesight as well as their immune system. Dog food usually cannot provide enough of these; therefore, it may be necessary to supplement their meals with vitamins that can be bought over-the-counter or online. Older dogs may also need additional supplements and vitamins. This is especially true for dogs that have developed arthritis during the aging process since additional supplements, such as glucosamine, may be required by your veterinarian for your dog to take.

Older dogs usually require high-protein diets in their older years for weight maintenance. Remember that heavier dogs that go beyond their ideal weight usually end up being slower and less lively.

Choosing the Best Dog Vitamins

There are many dog vitamins available in the market these days. Given this predicament, pet owners usually end up wondering which would be the best to give to their beloved pet.

Dog vitamins should, at the very least, contain the essential vitamins such as vitamins A, B, C, D, E, K, biotin and folic acid. These help in maintaining your dog’s coat, bones, teeth, and muscles. These also help in boosting your dog’s immune system, protecting him from disease and sickness. This holds especially true as your dog becomes more prone to disease due to aging.

Antioxidants in your dog’s vitamins are said to help in retarding the aging process. It is important to note that your dog’s vitamins should contain only the right amount of the different types of vitamins. Too much vitamins may lead to damage of the liver, for example, which is detrimental to your beloved pet.

Taste is also an important characteristic of a good vitamin. Dogs tend to favor certain tastes. Make sure that your dog gets along with the taste of his vitamins if you want him to get into a healthy lifestyle.



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